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"My favorite place in the whole wide world, 

is down the dirt path to the dam..."

The opening lyric of the title track, Nomahegan recalls Kelli's favorite place to go in the park that shaped her childhood. Nomahegan is a hidden gem of Cranford, NJ and young Kelli was lucky enough to experience this place every day. 

The album Nomahegan is a collection of 12 songs that Kelli wrote during the years that she transitioned from her childhood home in Cranford to the crazy world of adulthood in New York City. Each song explores a topic that Kelli pondered during these challenging and exciting times. 


Peach Fuzz and Dad's Song are nods to Kelli's parents. The Dogwood Tree is about the tree in her old front yard. And Nomahegan is a heartfelt ode to the place that she calls home. 

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Hover to reveal Kelli's "favorite place"

Hover to reveal Kelli's "favorite place"...