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Love & Games

"Dancin' up on tabletops, won't stop yeah now I've got

Sweet dreams thinkin' bout this girl I just met..."

Love & Games is a queer acoustic summer bop that will have listeners singing and dancing along.  The inspiration came from a songwriting workshop challenge where Kelli chose a major artist (Ed Sheeran) and wrote as if she was co-writing the song with him. The lyrics follow the perspective of a female celebrity caught up in the whirlwind of partying and trying to find love.


This pop track is a big step up for Kelli as an artist. It blends her natural acoustic guitar tendencies with a new exploration into the synth funk / pop world. Love & Games will bring new listeners in while intriguing longtime fans with a vibey summer bop!


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Kelli Bruno Company Album Artwork.jpeg

"Take my hand and fly with me, 

and like birds we'll start to soar..."

Kelli's second album explores her relationship with "company", from the depths of loneliness in early 2018 to getting engaged to the love of her life in 2021. Company takes you on a folk-pop journey of three-part harmonies and a rich landscape of acoustic instrumentation.  

What's your favorite type of "company"? Is it friends around a campfire? Then track 6, Fall in the Cabin is your jam. Is it reminiscing about a passed loved one whose presence you still feel? Have a listen to track 5, Grandma's House. Do you enjoy getting lost in your own thoughts about dreams?  Track 2, Fly is for you.  Want to shake the monotony of daily life and surround yourself with convivial strangers? Track 3, The Road will be your anthem.

Whatever form of Company you'd like to celebrate today, this album has something for you. I hope these songs soar into your heart and give you something to ponder or smile about every time you return. Thanks for listening. <3


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Vinyl: available! contact to order

CD: available! contact to order


Nomahegan Album Cover_ Final.png

"My favorite place in the whole wide world, 

is down the dirt path to the dam..."

The opening lyric of the title track, Nomahegan recalls Kelli's favorite place to go in the park that shaped her childhood. Nomahegan is a hidden gem of Cranford, NJ and young Kelli was lucky enough to live across the street and experience this haven every day. 

The album is a collection of 12 songs that Kelli wrote during the years that she transitioned from her childhood home in Cranford to the crazy world of adulthood in New York City. Soaring melodies and lyrical guitar work evoke her two major influences; Joni Mitchell and Ingrid Michaelson.  


Peach Fuzz and Dad's Song are nods to Kelli's parents. The Dogwood Tree is about the tree in her old front yard. And Nomahegan is a heartfelt ode to the place that she calls home. 


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Vinyl: sold out

CD: available! contact to order


Hover to reveal Kelli's "favorite place"

Hover to reveal Kelli's "favorite place"...

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